A Good Son

We live in an age when parents in their twilight years are either left to die in an old age home or they themselves reach Varanasi to end their life on the ghats. It is a rarity to see a dedicated son taking care of his mother. But one man bucked the trend. His blind mother is 92 years of age but Kailash Giri’s love for his mother still remains the same.

It all started when he was eight years old. He fell from a tree and suffered a fracture. Medication for him was expensive and could not be afforded. Giri’s mother Kirti Devi prayed for his recovery and things changed.

It was now when she vowed to undertake a journey to religious places. She could not go for her pilgrimage and at 24 Kailash decided to take his mother across India.

Like Shravan Kumar. Kailash too carries his mother in a double basket slung over his shoulder via a stick. While his mother sits in one basket, Kailash keeps all his clothes, utensils and other heavy day-to-day items in the other. Kailash walks four to five km each day, beginning his day at 6.30 am.

Kailash cooks food from whatever people offer him, and serves it to his blind mother first.

The mother and son duo has covered most important religious sites across India.

Currently in the Agra-Mathura area, Kailash says they are now on the last leg of their pilgrimage. While Kailash receives much praise for his love towards his mother, he does not like being compared to Shravan Kumar.

Kirti Devi had expressed a wish to go on a pilgrimage of the char dhams – the four most sacred religious sites in India for Hindus. Kailash has turned her dream into reality.

Kailash has covered, on foot, a distance of over 36,000 km.

Kailash Giri is a resident of Hanoi village (Jabalpur district in Madhya Pradesh) and is completely devoted to his mother.

Kailash Giri has already covered temples in Kedarnath, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Kashi, Dwarka, Ayodhya, Chitrakoot, Puri, Rameshwaram, Mahabaleshwar and Tirupati! They have even been to Janakpur in Nepal on foot!

Weeks ago, Kailash visited Agra with his mother and after offering prayers, he headed to Mathura.

We wish Kailash and his mother all the luck and success in accomplishing their pilgrimage and reaching back home safely.


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