The Kota Miracle


Where there is a will there is a way goes the saying in English. For Peeyush Meena, it was about not repeating the same mistakes which his father had committed by venturing into the crime world.

Despite the odds that he faced, Peeyush took on the hardships headon.

Peeyush is a murder convict’s son, who studied in Jail and secured 453rd rank in the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE).

In Kota, a city which is now notorious for its student suicides, Peeyush managed to stay calm and prepared for two years before he did the unthinkable.

Life these years were not easy. He studied in a room, which was barely 8×8 feet. Lights went out at 11 pm. He lacked the required funds to buy books to study from. With his father in jail, he was forced to live under several restrictions.

At times when youngsters would shudder to even think about jail, the engineering aspirant told the media, “The jail is not so bad.”

It was the father Phool Chand who kept Peeyush in jail and funded his studies.

Things are now changing for Peeyush fast with his father about to finish his 14-year jail sentence and has been permitted to live in an open jail.

Open jail is a correctional facility where the convict can go out of the campus for work, however, has to be back in his cell by evening.

Phoolchand notably managed to send his son to “Vibrant” — a coaching institute in Kota.

By god’s grace Peeyush has not been alone in the fight to glory. The jail administration co-operated. The guards who are on duty, especially the younger ones, encouraged Peeyush.

Peeyush’s success inspired the administration, which hopes to increase facilities for inmates, especially those in open jails.

Phoolchand had to convince relatives and friends to arrange Rs 1 lakh, which was not enough to cover even the coaching fees.

Phoolchand’s being a convict could not get him a high paying job. A former teacher, Phoolchand tried for a job in private schools to fulfil his son’s IIT dreams. But his being a convict was an obstacle.

For Peeyush though the sole purpose of cracking the IIT has been to ensure the old age of his father is spent peacefully.

Phoolchand has spent 12 years in jail and has to complete two more years of his term.

Peeyush hopes to secure a seat in chemical engineering at IIT-Roorkee.

Does he miss his mother in prison? Peeyush told the media that right from cooking to washing his clothes, everything was done by the father. He says his father never let him feel away from home. Apart from the time spent at the coaching institute, Piyush put in 7-8 hours daily.

So Kota the killer can be miraculous too, can’t it.


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