Chaitanya Fights own Battle

chaintanya-703_1445057714Gold medallist MMA Champion, Chaitanya Gavali has given his all to the field of Mixed Martial Arts and still lacks recognition. Having come from a humble background the athlete has shown exceptional skills in the MMA cage to beat his opponents in the game. At times when Sultan in India is running in theatres, sportsmen like Chaitanya are part of a system where thousands of capable, hardworking and talented men and women have to abandon their sporting dreams midway.

As India gears up for the Rio dream, Chaitanya is India’s only gold medallist MMA champion who could have made the cut, had the game been recognized.

Chaitanya has won multiple MMA tournaments and even won the Gold at the Warrior Championship.

His coach Jitendra Khare of the Evolution Combat Sports Academy started training the MMA athlete six years back in 2010.

Khare speaking to the media has said that he is hopeful that recognition for the athlete will come.

Chaitanya’s family runs a shoe shop in Kandivali, Mumbai but he doesn’t want to join the business.

For Chaitnaya there are several challenges. The sport requires ultimate levels of fitness, strength and training. His team is currently struggling for finances to buy the expensive supplements needs and the training equipment.

Gavali holds a post graduation in Commerce. From being asked to join the family business to winning championship trophies abroad, his journey has been full of ups and downs.

Chaitanya fights at least 4 pro fights in a year.

While it is admirable those like Chaitanya try hard to establish MMA in India, changing the mind-set of people is perhaps the most difficult in modern society.

It is his dreams to make MMA the next big thing that gives Chaitanya the motivation to work hard every day.

The final chapter of Chaitanya’s MMA career is yet to be written. The greater fact however remains that whether or not he can become a world champion, there is no denying what he has accomplished.


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