Dipa’s Produnova Weapon


Dipa’s produnova trick has worked wonders in the gymnastics arena. Not only has she got the ticket to Rio, she has also now bagged the title of a world class gymnast which she is now proud to boast about.

Indian women so far have not been able to represent gymnastics as a sport in the Olympics, but times they are changing thanks to Dipa Karmakar. Having done one of the toughest routines in the vault, the blue eyed girl is now on her way to Rio where she hopes to take on the world for the golden spot.

By becoming the first Indian woman to qualify for the Olympics in gymnastics, Dipa has secured a place alongside topguns like P.T. Usha, Sania Mirza, M.C. Mary Kom and Saina Nehwal.

Dipa Karmakar has interestingly got a major psychological boost ahead of the quadrennial event when she was named ‘Gymnaste de Classe Mondaile’ or ‘World Class Gymnast’ by the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG).

Dipa received the letter confirming the distinction from FIG on Tuesday. The letter carries a special badge, which she will be carrying during the Olympics.

The distinction reportedly is for the top 30 qualifiers in multiple apparatus events. It is a once-in-a-career moment for a gymnast.

Dipa achieved a historic feat when she qualified for the Olympics scoring 14.833 to finish with a gold medal in the women’s vaults finals in the qualifying event in Rio.

Apart from being the first Indian woman, Dipa is also the first Indian gymnast going to Olympics after 52 years.

At times when there is a debate over better training for  overseas events in sports, if Indian athletes are now training overseas Dipa Karmakar decided to stay at home and train.

While Indians associate gymnastics with Chinese, American and Eastern European gymnasts on the Olympics stage, Dipa Karmakar has been well received.

Dipa has told mediapersons the turning point of her career was winning a medal at a junior national event in 2007.

Her time came in the Commonwealth Games. The crowd at Glasgow in 2014 was fascinated by the sight of an Indian woman gymnast. Winning a bronze then was something that gave her that much needed push to enter history textbooks. From a sweaty gymnastics hall of Agartala, she worked her way up to the best in the vault arena.

Dipa Karmakar is the crowning glory of India. Being from the Northeast makes she makes all proud that a girl from Tripura has defied odds and is the first woman from our country to ever qualify for the Olympics in gymnastics. She is training under Bisweswar Nandi at the Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium in New Delhi.

Dipa is now known for the produnova a life-threatening vault that has been attempted by only a few gymnasts in the world in a competition. The move, is a front-handspring double somersault ranked as one of the most difficult in gymnastics.

India has won only 26 medals at Olympics since it started participating a century ago, while China bagged 88 medals in 2012 alone.

Karmakar started the sport at seven in Tripura where proper infrastructure was lacking. She overcame flat feet to become one of the country’s best gymnasts.



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