Green Corridors Doing Wonders

Source – Google

Green Corridors off late have been reason enough to breathe in a new lease of life into a dying person. No family would want to lose hope on saving a dear one’s life but for the family of Gorakhpur resident Sundar Singh things were different. After he met with an accident, doctors declared him brain dead. They had to persuade  the family to donate his organs in perfect shape to a needy patient.

Once Singh’s family gave their nod, it was for doctors and traffic  police to do their job. Their target was to transport the cadaver liver to Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals from King George Medical College.

A green corridor was created from the hospital to the airport to help the ambulance cover a distance of 28 km in under 23 minutes.

The entire thing was made possible by traffic cops which first worked out the shortest possible route from King George Hospital to the airport which the ambulance took.

The traffic department deployed two cops at every intersection, meanwhile senior officers were directed to ensure the route remains traffic free.

An interceptor vehicle of the traffic police escorted the ambulance throughout the travel.

Top cops later thanked city people for cooperating in letting ambulance pass with an uninterrupted traffic.

Last a green Corridor was created on April 20, from KGMU to Lucknow airport to send a liver to AIIMS, Delhi.

The new age green corridor system has come at a time when India’s traffic problem has been the cause for many deaths because ambulances couldn’t get patients to hospitals in time, or worse, ambulances weren’t able to reach the accident spots. The same is the case with organ transplants.

Late Rajesh Pillai’s film Traffic, which stars Manoj Bajpai, is aimed at raising awareness about this situation.

In reality, since 2014, green corridors have helped save lives in Gurgaon, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Indore.

Chennai was the first city in India to create a green corridor in 2014.


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