Hillary’s Jabrauli Connect


Amidst the high pitched campaigning in the United States of America between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, in India a small village in Lucknow seems to be praying each day for Hillary Clinton to win, so as to change their fortunes.

Jabrauli village now popular as Clinton village had shot to fame when former US President Bill Clinton paid a visit in 2014. The village now stands for Hillary to win the election and become President.

Villagers living here are confident that once Hillary wins, she too will visit the village and help them in developing ushering in world class facilities.

The whole village is praying for Hillary in the Khadeshwar Mahadev Mandir, the oldest temple in the village, not a least bit concerned about her competition.

The villagers have started praying and celebrations have also begun. They were recently seen distributing ‘ladoos’ among each other saying “all the best” to the Democratic presidential candidate . Hillary is pitched against Republican nominee Donald Trump. Locals are already rallying behind her holding posters sporting her face and chanting her name.

In July 2014, when Bill Clinton visited Jabrauli village, Clinton had initiated a health scheme. Everyone in the village was ecstatic as an international leader chose Jabrauli.

Jabrauli can’t wait to see Hillary in White House as President (Source Net )

Interestingly on the final night of the Democratic National Convention, Hillary Clinton has formally accepted her party’s nomination for the president of the Unites States. She is first woman to be a major party’s presidential candidate.

Clinton who announced her second bid for the US presidency on Sunday, is no stranger to India.

Hillary has always been seen as a friend of India in the White House during the years that her husband Bill Clinton was president (1992-2000). The earliest of her visits to India was in March 1995.

Hillary Clinton since then it is believed had been very impressed by the colour and vibrancy of India. She played a role in ensuring Bill Clinton did focus on India. Hillary was in India in 1997 with daughter Chelsea for the funeral of Mother Teresa.

As Secretary of State, Indian diplomats say she stood by India on many occasions, especially on the subject of terrorism.

US and India worked to ensure closer cooperation in high technology areas, particularly defence and space. India and the US also launched a ministerial-level strategic dialogue in July 2009, focusing on five interests—strategic cooperation; energy and climate change; education and development; economy, trade and agriculture; science and technology; and health and innovation.

Hillary Clinton has consistently prodded Pakistan on terrorist havens and repeatedly stuck to delivering tough messages.

Rajeev Srinivasan in a column written for a leading website writes

In her defense, Clinton has impeccable credentials and experience. She is the only former resident of the White House who is in the fray, and may even be the only one ever in history. There is the sentimental thought that it is about time that a woman became the most powerful person in the world, the POTUS (the President of the United States).

In an interview to The Hindu’s Verghese K George Clinton’s campaign chief John Podesta says

If elected president of the United States, Hillary Clinton will take relations with India to a new level and better economic and strategic ties with India will anchor the U.S in the region. A future Democratic administration under Ms. Clinton will have a significant presence of Indian Americans.

Senior journalist Surya Gangadharan writes in his piece

Many Indians may view Hillary Clinton as their best bet. She brings to the table familiarity and friendship not least because Indian Americans have reportedly invested millions of dollars in her election campaign. A Hillary presidency will be good for India but it’s important to remember that she’ll be out there batting for US interests. It will be hard diplomacy and harder economics, not much different from what it is now.


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