The Real Rustom…


Akshay Kumar as a star is known to pick challenging roles and if the recent past of the actor is to be seen he has played an Indian Intelligence Officer in Baby, an armyman in Holiday and do gooder in films like Airlift and Gabbar. In Rustom, Akshay Kumar plays a Naval Commander and the movie is inspired by a true story.

Rustom is the story of Commander Kawas Maneckshaw Nanavati, his wife Sylvia and her lover Prem Ahuja. It is a story about how a love triangle goes horribly wrong.

Nanavati who is shown as Rustom played by Akshay in the movie murders his wife’s lover, when he finds she is cheating.

It is on 27 April 1959 that Commander Nanavati returns home from one his assignment where he finds Sylvia depressed. Sylvia confesses that she is in love with their friend Prem Ahuja. Without dropping any hint of what was to follow Nanavati drops his wife and children at a movie theatre. Nanavati second in command of the Indian Navy’s flagship INS Mysore then takes permission to leave for Ahmednagar and carry a revolver and six bullets.

Nanavati goes to Ahuja’s house and asks if he intends to marry Sylvia and look after the children? Prem replies in the negative. He says, “ Will I marry every woman I sleep with?” . Three shots are fired and that is the end of Prem Ahuja. Nanavati surrenders to police and confesses to the murder.

The main arguments revolve around whether Nanavati shot Ahuja in the “heat of the moment” or whether it was a premeditated murder. With Nanavati, serving the country, with no criminal background and having willingly surrendered, the Bombay session court pronounces him not guilty under Section 302.

Having a background of honor and valor, the public stands with Maneckshaw. Nanavati is portrayed as a disciplined officer who was wronged by his wife

The case goes to Bombay High Court. The court after accepting arguments, dismisses the jury’s verdict agreeing with prosecution’s argument that the murder was premeditated. Despite public support, Nanavati is read out a sentence of life imprisonment confirmed in November 1961 by the Supreme Court.

Nanavati gets huge support from the Indian Navy and the Parsi community, while the Sindhi community backs Mamie Ahuja.

Many rallied behind Maneckshaw portrayed as Rustom in the film. He is finally pardoned in 1962. He migrates to Canada with Sylvia and children.

During the time of his trial and sentencing, Jawaharlal Nehru was Prime Minister of India and his sister, Vijayalakshmi Pandit, was governor of Maharashtra state.

This is one of the most thrilling and interesting cases in India & this was the last case to be heard as a Jury trial in India.

Director Gulzar made a film titled Achanak based on the Nanavati case in 1973. The movie featured Vinod Khanna, Lily Chakravarty, and Om Shivpuri. It was a box-office hit.

Nanavati ka Mukadama, Indira Sinha’s ‘The Death of Mr Love’ and Salman Rushdie’s ‘Midnight Children’ carry some elements of the much publicized case.

Produced by Neeraj Pandey, Aruna Bhatia and Nittin Keni in the direction of Tinu Suresh Desai and starring Ileana D’Cruz and Esha Gupta opposite to actor Akshay Kumar, Rustom is scheduled for release on 12 August 2016.

While Akshay Kumar is already an accomplished actor, Ileana D’Çruz is working her way into the big league and Esha Gupta is in a make or break situation. All are hoping big on Rustom.

Akshay is also looking forward to the launch of his upcoming movies Robot 2 and Jolly LLB 2.

There is also a lot of chatter and buzz on whether Akshay would be part of upcoming sequels to his hit films Hera Pheri 2 , Awara Pagal Deewana and Baby.


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