Living the Trump Dream

Johnny D

Politics is the art of the unpredictable. And when it comes to US elections, Donald Trump is clearly fighting a perception battle after a campaign where he has touched quite a few sticky notes. In a piece titled – Early Voting Limits Donald Trump’s Time to Turn Campaign Around written by journalist Patrick Healy in the New York Times, he argues that time could be running out for the Republican nominee. But Trump has a fan in one of his biggest impersonators who has made a fortune out of being a copycat of the businessman turned politician.

According to Healy, voting starts in less than six weeks on Sept 23 in Minnesota and South Dakota, the first of nearly 35 states and District of Columbia that allow people to cast ballots in poll stations or by email before Nov. 8.

If Healy is to be believed if Clinton counters the Trump factor in early vote in some swing states, she can very well get things happening in competitive places — like Florida, North Carolina and Ohio.

Johnny D doing the Trump Act ( Web)

At a time when Republicans are divided on whether Donald Trump candidacy is good for the GOP, the New York mogul’s running for President has been a boon for John Di Domenico better known as Johnny D. He suddenly is raking in moolah. He has been aping Donald for over a decade.

Johnny has mimmicked celebrity Guy Fieri to celebrity host Larry King. And from Hollywood’s Austin Powers’s Dr. Evil to Sean Connery, Jay Leno and others. He has also copied Humphrey Boggart and TV host Ed Sullivan. His CV boasts of the Trump act since 2004, when The Apprentice first appeared.

Di Domenico  whose appearances were limited to corporate gatherings and birthday parties, now that Trump is everywhere in the media, he’s raking in as much as $40,000 a month.

Di Domenico is not sure he’ll be voting Trump in November.

Di Domenico has made appearances on almost every major news network:

Reports suggest  impersonators from Baltimore to Las Vegas can bring in anywhere from $1,500 to $10,000 per appearance.

Robert Ensler center, Tim Beasly right amd Johnny D Left- Pick your favourite Image – Scoopnest


The full-time impersonator explains to foreign media: ‘Whenever I’m in character people yell out “Trump Trump Trump”, its hilarious, some of the reations I’ve had have been incredible

He says he is often asked to pose for pictures.

Di Domenico first started impersonations, at age of five, to overcome speech defects that left his family struggling to understand him.

Johnny also made unsuccessful attempts at breaking into the New York’s acting scene, but found himself getting more work as an impressionist.

Di Domenico gets six calls a day asking to do voice-overs, radio interviews, late night talk show appearances and meet and greets.

He’ll read the New York Times and watch clips from CNN, Fox, and MSNBC to make sure his act has the most recent Trump-isms – reads an article

While the verdict on US elections will be known after the ballot is cast, Johnny D is surely living the Trump Dream.


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