A Small Wonder


She is Daddy’s Little girl, a girl working her way towards the Limca Book of World Records. A four year old child who should have been enjoying cartoons, chilling out with tiny tots and living the kid life to the fullest, she is now a class 9 student. Yes you heard it right.

Born in a family where breaking records runs in the blood, Ananya Verma doing the unthinkable is no surprise. She has out of sheer merit been given admission to class 9 in a school in Lucknow. If she is able to pass class 10 in next two years then she will ink her place in the Limca Records.

Ananya has been given admission to the class at the age of 4 years, 8 months and 21 days. The class leap has been given consent by the education department.

If Ananya clears the UP boards in the next two years she will break the record of her own sister Sushma Verma, who at 7 plus cleared her 10th boards in 2007. The school for both sisters is the same — UP board-affiliated St Meera’s Inter College in Lucknow.

Born to Tej Bahadur the sisters have had a unique tryst with records and have done their parents proud at a very tender age by coming out with flying colours. Ananya is daughter of Tej Bahadur an assistant supervisor (sanitation) at Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University while her mother Chaya Devi can’t even read or write.

Whiz Kids of Sharma family

Ananya speaks fluent Hindi and can read class 9 books with ease and this has worked in her favour.


Not just Ananya’s sister even her brother Shailendra, the eldest, completed his BCA when he was 14. Sushma got admission in PhD at BBAU+ when she was 15. At 13, Sushma completed BSc three years ago.

The principal of her school tells newspapers in Lucknow that the girl has a strong grasping power and has picked up things fast.

A school teacher accidentally discovered Ananya’s talent when he met her father at a local market.


Seeing her read and speak fluent Hindi, Ananya is called to school where she appears for a test. Once she clears her test hurdle she is given the go for the admission.

The mother Chhaya cannot stop talking of  the 4-year-old  who she claims has the Ramayana at the back of her hand.

With the Verma’s breaking record after record and showing that winning streak to prove odds wrong, the whiz kids definitely give youngsters inspiration to work towards higher education at early stages of life by way of merit.


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