Lucknow’s Fusion Rock Moment


With the advent of music shows like MTV Coke Studio inspired by the original Coke Studio Pakistan, fusion music has got a much needed boost off late. Fusion music has been quite a fixture in the Indian circuit with World renowned  groups like Shakti and Silk Route having given music lovers a feel of a East Meets West appeal.

In a recent event in New Delhi, Ustad Amjad Ali Khan paid a tribute to Pandit Sajan Mishra. Speaking at the event he spoke of the importance of fusion music. Appreciative of composers like Bach, Beethoven and the Western symphony orchestra, he said fusion is not the correct word. It is actually collaboration which is the need of the day.

Many young artists are creating Indian notes by taking inspiration from different world music genres. Among popular Fusion acts in India include Advaita, Avial, Raghu Dixit Project, Bangalore Based Agam, Indian Ocean, Shruti Box, Swarathma, East India Company and Tabla Beat Science.

It seems now Uttar Pradesh which has a rich Awadhi music culture now will see a unique fusion rock band writing its own story. The first performance of this band Rubaroo will happen at the Lucknow University fest on September 5.

Indie Fusion Scene – Pic Source –

The fusion band a first in Lucknow University named Rubaroo – Unsorted Symphonies has been launched recently. A band which sees crashing cymbals blending carefully with notes of guitars, drum sticks and other instruments will rock the campus.

Piecing together the band has taken several rounds of auditioning by the university’s Sanskritiki Board. Composition of a rock Sufi song written specially for LU has meanwhile been finalised. The song would be presented at LU’s mini-fest on September 5.

Selected by the Sanskriti board of the University the members of the band includes lead singers Garima Singh and Harshit Sahai, lead guitarist Saksham Pandey, keyboard player Prabhat Kumar Singh, vocalist Abhishek Awasthi, rhythm guitarist Kevin John, bassist Zubair Hamza, drummers Rohan Yadav/Puneet, tabla/dholak players Kushagra Pandey and supporting singers Mukul Pathak and Akash yadav. For the youngsters coming together for the band it is a dream come true with a solid grounding in music at the school level.

Given the rich Awadhi culture of the state, the folk rock band brings much interest for those who are keen followers of the cultural scene in Awadh.

UP’s region’s folk heritage includes rasiya (known especially in Braj), which celebrate the divine love of Radha and Shri Krishna. Ghazals, Khayal, Marsiya

Qawwali and Allha are other popuar music forms representing Awadhi Music.

No state in India can boast off the range of music Uttar Pradesh have. Uttar Pradesh is the citadel of ‘Purbaiya Ang’ of Hindustani Classical Music.

While Rubaroo is busy in practicing for their debut gig in the University trying to give a taste of Sufi rock fusion to the people of the city, we only hope that Rubaroo gives fusion in Lucknow its much needed place among the young and old alike.


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