Chronicles of a Dangerous Mind

Santosh Pol

Santosh Pol at 42 is the kind of man who has a calm demeanour but his chronicles are that of a dangerous mind. Having admitted to have committed 6 murders, Dr Death, as he is notorious as, has left even his near and dear ones shocked. A doctor in practice he thought he would rather kill than save.

It is often said if you can fake it you will make it, but Santosh Pol could not fake it for very long. On August 19, he stood like nothing had happened. Dressed in a blue shirt and black trouser he was at his poultry farm near Wai. It took the forensics and the cops little time to exhume a body of Vanita Gaikwad from the compound, who was one of his six victims.

Pol now under arrest was charged with murder of six people. Five women and a man. Such was his audacity that he wrote a letter to the cops thanking them for cracking the case in little time.

Pol had a history and he had been evading law for quite sometime and cops tell the media when they entered the scene they were warned of Pol’s. Legend has it long before he had been branded a mischievous character. It is believed that his catch happened after a cheque-bounce case. Soon after the missing case of Mangal Jedhe Pol’s involvement was confirmed.

Pol’s tricks using anti-corruption traps to keep cops at arms length was stuff of legend. He managed to lay as many as 53-54 traps against several police and government officials. Pol earned the fast buck by misusing RTI Act against government officials, by extorting them.

Born on November 4, 1974, Pol spent his initial days in Bhandup. Son of a conductor, he was the brightest of three siblings and scored 86% in Physics-Chemistry-Biology in HSC. He pursued Bachelor of Electropathy Medicine and Surgery (BEMS).

Pol’s father died in 1993 and his mother Tarabai in February 2003. At 30, Pol committed his first murder. He got married in 2003.

Pol’s first victim was Surekha Chikne, a 23-year-old mother of three.

Then followed the killing of Vanita Gaikwad and Jagabai Pol, a distant relative. The remaining three were killed as robbery was the prime motive. Pol cops say targeted the vulnerable lot.

After Pol was arrested on 11 August in connection with the murder of Mangala Jedhe, his wife and their two children went to live with in-laws in Mumbai. Pol’s wife told investigators that she was not aware of her husband’s crimes.

Pol as a quack practiced with a fake medical degree and most of his victims were reportedly his patients. His nickname, Dr Death, is a reference to the mad scientist and super-villain from Batman comics.

Over the past 13 years, Pol was suspect in various cases of disappearances but was never arrested

Police claim the his modus operandi was evident in the way he planned their clandestine burials. Pol stated he would get excavator trucks to dig holes in his backyard a month before the murders.

Police found two more open pits, dug nearly six feet deep, nearby. Pol claims he planned to murder Jyoti Mandhare next.

The Wai police have now launched fresh investigations into at least three other cases of missing persons.

In a twist though Jyoti Mandhare has threatened to self-immolate, accusing the police of trying to frame Pol in the case.

The shocking impact of the gruesome killings has taken a toll with Subhash Vitthal Chakke, a member of the team, which excavated skeletal remains from Santosh Pol’s poultry farm dying after he suffered a cardiac arrest out of sheer shock.


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