Gurgaon’s Sarkar Raaj

Gangs large

The recent killing of gangster Ashok Rathi’s wife in Millenium City Gurgaon in broad daylight has once again brought back the gangs of Gurgaon under the spotlight. Sushma who had been talking of a threat from the detained gangster was shot in the head and chest by unidentified men. It was while she was walking back after dropping her daughter to the school bus that she got shot.

Interestingly Ashok Rathi lodged in the Bhondsi jail, is in his late thirties and is serving a life term. Booked in 28 cases of murder, attempted murder, loot and extortion he spearheads the Rathi gang.

He was arrested in March 2014 from the hills behind a BSF camp at Sohna road.

Sushma’s daughter studies in a posh school in Sector 48 in Gurgaon. Police are hunting the accused.

Ashok Rathi has even tried to escape from police custody on the night of March 24, 2014 but was rearrested the next day.

Gang rivalry has in the recent years once again raised its ugly head in Gurgaon after almost a decade. It has now put the lives of residents at risk. In late 2015, a property dealer and a bookie got shot dead by four unidentified men.

Earlier gangster Rakesh Hayatpur and his driver were shot at.

Gang wars in Gurgaon have mostly revolved around real estate deals, extortion, gambling and other illegal means of income. Police it is widely reported has done little in this area.

In recent years the most notorious gangs have been led by now dead Sandeep Gadoli, Surjeet, Harender alias Heavy, Bindar Gujjar, Ashok Rathi, Kaushal, Mahesh Attack, Rakesh Banjara, Koushalpal, and Rakesh Hayatpur.

Working in a group of 25 to 30 these gangs largely work to save their fiefs. Operating low-key they have limited weaponry and rely on country-made weapons.

Early last year half-a-dozen incidents of shootings sent a chill down the spine of residents of Millenium City.

In 2015, 94 murders were reported till November. Estimates say currently, there are 10 gangs in Gurgaon dealing in real estate, extortion and gambling.

It was as recently as 2006 when areas like Ghata and Badshapur on the outskirts of Gurgaon witnessed frequent shootouts .

The first gang war in Gurgaon dates back to 1996.

Gurgaon reportedly has been one of the bastions for gangs from Mewat to commit murder, dacoity and carjacking in Delhi.

Gurgaon ganglords have got their hands on sophisticated weapons manufactured at Munger in Bihar besides Muzaffarnagar, Bulandshahr and Meerut in Uttar Pradesh.

Meanwhile the other side to these gangsis that they are using teenagers to do their dirty job. Teenagers work for gang lords to make a quick buck.

They do a recce of rivals’ hideouts, track their activities, and are even ready to go to jail for the crimes the elders do.

Since 2006 with development in Gurgaon things had started changing. Gangs began to go out of business or disintegrate into small splinter groups.

The first organised gang was formed in Gurgaons hinterland by Bunty alias Fauji in January 1995.  A Jharsa resident named Rajje soon followed suit.

Be it the Sandeep Gadoli gang, D Company or others formed since 2000 like Sunil Takla gang, Dharambeer Ullahwas gang, Sudesh alias Chailu gang, Kuldeep alias Neetu Gahlot gang, and Raju Langda gang, among several others gang wars have had its impact on Gurgaon for long.

With Sandeep Gadoli having been cremated recently and the Sushma Rathi killing, one will have to wait and watch how those behind the trigger react to what is being seen as the return of Gurgaon’s Sarkaar Raj.


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