UP’s 10 Rupee Quagmire

The 10 rupee trouble Courtesy – Stock Photo
It’s literally Dus Ka Dum in UP but in the negative sense. People in the Hindi heartland are fearing to accept a 10 rupee coin. Yes you heard it right. There are rumours abuzz that two types of 10 rupee coins are doing rounds in the market and one of them is not proper.
With a section fanning such rumours people in the streets trying to reach a shop to buy something are in a fix.
People over the past few months have been piling 10 rupee coins at home but have no way to give it to someone in the market. None accept these coins people like Pulkit Sharma tell a reporter of TOI. This is a case in Bareilly, but things in other parts of the state are no different.
With rumour mongering reaching its epoch, the administration has reportedly stepped in. In UP the news now grabbing headlines is if one refuses such coins then he or she can be booked for sedition.
Coming down hard on WhatsApp rumours that the coin had been withdrawn and it was no longer legal tender, the district magistrate of Pilibhit said on Saturday anybody refusing to accept the currency could be charged with sedition.
The Rs 10 coin is a national currency and no one has the right to refuse it as the government of India promises to pay the value of the currency to the bearer. According to RBI rules, those who refuse to accept the Indian currency can be liable for action under section 124A (sedition) of IPC. And we will strictly enforce it,  DM Masoom Ali Sarwar said at a press conference.
Such rumours have been doing the rounds for the past 2 to 3 months but things have gradually goe out of hand with complaints coming in. This continued despite announcements by the administration and banks that the coin, introduced in 2010, was very much in circulation.
Even the RBI On September 20 has clarified the coin is valid. Even Delhi and Haryana seems to be reeling from a similar situation.
All through August and September, banks in the region witnessed residents queuing up to exchange their coins.
RBI spokesperson Alapana Kilawala told newspersons the coin is very much valid and people should not hesitate Rs 10 coins for transactions as these coins are legal tender.
For locals in Bareilly the problem is about two different kind of coins doing the rounds. Until now residents have been hassled with recent rumours of two different designs of the coin flooding markets. The confusion many claim has been fuelled by social media. Earlier there have been stray incidents of rumour mongering on these lines in Agra as well.
Even as some have discarded rumours of anomaly in the coin’s design, most remained sceptical and were seen rejecting it out rightly.
Shopkeeper Mohammed Javed Idrsi explains to the TOI newspaper, “The coins minted around 2010 have around 15 rays circling the space where ‘Rs 10’ is mentioned. But those made in 2016 have only 10 rays. Similarly, there is another minor difference in that the new ones have the symbol of rupee while the older ones have the word rupee etched on it.”
While the Pilibhit DM has tried to settle things once and for all, UP wonders what to do with its 10 rupee coins.

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