Falaq Ali, Meenal Arora and Andrea are three happy go lucky girls living in a posh Delhi colony. They are new age women who believe in living life to its fullest, even if that meant partying hard with men with booze and some fun.

But they know their boundaries. It is one such escapade which turns horribly wrongly where Meenal Arora smashes a bottle on the head of Rajbeer Singh, the son of a politician. Things turn ugly after Rajbeer along with Dumpy and Vishwa take the three girls to a rock concert and then they go to a resort in Surajkund where they take a few drinks and the guys start trying to get physical. Meenal played by Tapsee Pannu resists and when things get to the extreme comes the nearly fatal blow. Rajbeer somehow gets treated and his eye is safe.

Troubles for the three girls now treble. Even though both sides try hushing up matters, news starts spreading and then starts the threats and the character assassination of the girls. After Piku, Shoojit Sircar picks Big B yet again and the gamble works. Bachchan plays Deepak Sehgal a lawyer who has his eyes and ears to the ground.

While threats and attacks on these girls increase, a member of the group of boys starts trying his best to make life miserable for the trio. Shot in Delhi’s Gulmohar Park the landlord of the girls’ flat is tipped off of an alleged sex racket they are involved in, but old man does not buy this point.

While  Meenal is harassed constantly, Falaq Ali’s pics with skimpy clothes reaches office and this costs her, her job. Cops all this while are beating around the bush. They do not find any case. As soon as complaints are levelled against Rajbeer, the heat against the young girls is stepped up and Meenal is arrested. Bachchan is quietly following Meenal from the sidelines.

By now the girls have used every trick in the book to get out of the mess but have failed. Just when they realize that it’s virtually a dead end for them, someone rings the bell. It’s time for resurrection of the legal eagle in Deepak Sehgal who had called it quits after ailing from bipolar disorder.

Rajveer calls them prostitutes and files a case of murder, assault and extortion on them. Sehgal meanwhile uses the Zero FIR route to get things moving.

Much like Damini and Jodie Foster’s the Accused a well knit court room drama unfolds.

The movie questions the mindset where things like drinking, late nights are cool for boys but a shame plus a question of morality for girls. Shoojit Sircar’s PINK pushes the envelope further.

The film exposes the hypocrisy related to debates around cases of molestation and rapes. It also talks about how Northeast people are often treated badly and harassed.

The film tries to argue that wearing skirts, jeans or T-Shirts, presence in Rock concerts, laughing and being friendly with men, drinking or having a sexual past does not give men to outrage modesty or get physical. Bottomline is saying ‘No’ is a clear expression of unwillingness.

PINK is an ideal film for women empowerment.

Doyens in their craft like Piyush Mishra  and Dhritiman Chatterjee do justice to their roles. Raashul Tandon and Tushar Pandey also do their job in precision.

Bachchan lights up the screen with a couple of superb moments.

His rule book on women is spot on.

But the surprise package is Dibang, a journalist by profession who has donned the khaki in this movie playing a cop.

While the Shoojit Sircar and Bachchan camaraderie has worked wonders in the past, this definitely will be one of Angry old Bachchan’s best roles in recent memory. Bachchan in his avatar reminds you of his roles he essayed in Shahanshah and Aakhree Raasta.

The movie is also important given that instances of rape are quite common in India. According to National Crimes Record Bureau (NCRB), about 93 rapes take place in India every day. And Delhi is quite often referred as the Rape capital of India.


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