A Trending Soft NaMo

The Modi Doll

Brand Modi has become quite a rage. From Modi suit auctions to now Modi dolls being sold online there is no denying that people are ready to go to any extent to make Modi a trending personality.

In case you are planning to play with Modi in the literal sense then maybe you can buy a cute doll which looks just like him. For the kids maybe Modi uncle can give you company when you are feeling lonely.

The buzz in town these days is that Modi dolls are quite a rage at Flipkart and Snapdeal.

The description of these dolls online make interesting reading.

The doll can help “attention span, building object recognition, creativity and imagination, and sensory development” in children, according to Flipkart.

The brains behind the much talked about Modi doll is a company called Tickles.

Snapdeal and Flipkart have the product up for grabs.

The doll is being seen as a great way by some to hardsell the Modi story in an apolitical fashion. In other words this way you can literally have a Ghar Ghar Modi happening.  Narendra Modi is seen as the most interactive Prime Minister . He is not just highly active on social media, he is also heard with rapt attention on Mann ki Baat and people also connect with him through the app. His connect with the diaspora across the globe is well recorded.

The NaMo doll is dressed in an orange kurta, white jawahar jacket and white pyjama, paired with black shoes. The makers have got the beard right and Modi’s unmistakable spectacles. While Snapdeal and Flipkart sell the toy doll for Rs 1,365, both e-commerce websites offer discounts.

Many in India might not know that one such Modi doll maker is Amita Gupta who was struck by his charisma when he was rallying back in 2014.

On the other hand miniature models of the Indian Prime Minister created quite a stir when Modi reached Hangzhou, a renowned art district. Local artist Wu Xiaoli created miniature model dolls ahead of the 2016 G20 summit. The artist created dolls of 19 leaders apart from Narendra Modi to mark the G20 Summit in Hangzhou.


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