Fear of Kartikeyas Curse Lives On


India is a country which is a storehouse of several tales and folklore.When it comes to stories emanating from the religions of the country, everypart of India has some connection with the Gods and Goddesses.The Kartikeya temple in Kurukshtra has no women visiting the temple. Curious to know why? Here’s a story revolving around two of Durga’s children Kartikeya and Ganesh.

 Everything happening in the world is based on some logic or reason. When it comes to rituals , traditions or beliefs in India there are quite a few interesting stories one gets to hear. Kurukshetra is an area which is spread across 96 miles. It became popular due to the Mahabharat and the several pilgrimage sites that it houses within it. Of one of the most important pilgrimage in this region till date is considered that of Prithudak.

Prithudak is a 28 kilometre drive, west of Kurukshetra where the ancient Kartikeya temple still exists.The story goes that when Lord Shiva decided to coronate his elder son Kartikeya, then Parvati started insisting to make Ganesh the one who had supreme power and respect. When the decision turned a little difficult Brahma , Vishnu, Shankar and all other Gods and Goddesses came together and decided that the person who returns first after touring the entire globe, he would be coronated as the supreme.

Kartikeya left on his peacock for completing his task. When Ganesha started moving for taking on the task, Parvati told Ganesha that all Gods were here and Lord Shiva himself was the creator so you can take rounds of him. Ganesh took three rounds of Shankar and clasped his hands in front of him and said, he had encircled his world. Everyone got so moved that they coronated Ganesha as the one to be worshipped before anyone else in any and every religious ceremony.

Priests say, “When Kartik  came, he saw that the Goddess had given the reign to Ganesh . In anger he peeled of his skin and kept it in front to Goddess Parvati. He then cursed the women and forbid them from visiting them. This is the reason why women don’t visit the temple.”

Kartikeya who had already been briefed by the Narad returned after completing the task and discussed things with Parvati. He told his mother that she had cheated him and he felt really bad. Kartikeya said, his skin and flesh was made up of Parvati’s milk and the entire episode having angered him, he would remove the skin and flesh, leaving the skeleton exposed.  He got so angry on his mother that he cursed all woman kind that whosoever saw Kartikeya in that form would remain a widow for the next seven births.

Fearing things going out of control the Gods tried controlling him by massaging oils and sindoor on his body. This led to Kartikeya calming down. To ensure equality between both sons, Kartikeya was made the leader of the Army of Gods and Goddesses .

From hereon, Kartikeya is believed to have been present in Prithudak. It is believed whoever applies oils , sindoor and showers his respects on the god, the departed members of the persons family attain Moksha. With the curse to woman kind that Kartikeya had given, women do not come here to worship the god. In the month of Chaitra the followers of the god apply oil to him and offer their respects.


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