From Awadh Nagri to China, this Diwali


China standing with Pakistan when Indo Pak tensions are at an all time high has led to growing calls to boycott Chinese goods back home. While the Swadeshi movement of sorts has had its impact nationally, Lucknowites are going in for Chinese products. Some are also trying an innovative strategy by using the Make In India logo on goods to boost sales.

Across the city, shoppers have been turning up in large numbers at wholesale markets to buy colourful decorative items, all made in China.

Markets of Yahiyaganj, Ganeshganj, and Aminabad among others are abuzz with activity.  Locals largely like these Chinese items for variety, low cost and electricity saving power.

At several pockets of the city roadside vendors can be seen selling Chinese folding lamps, candles, bouquets and chandeliers.

While Awadh is going the Chinese way, nationally trade bodies say the boycott call has been a bad omen for those having Chinese products on display. In a latest statistic released by trade body Confederation of All India Traders it is learnt that demand for goods made in China has declined 45% this Diwali.

The campaign against Chinese products has been aggressively run across online platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter among others.

Core point mooted is of China not allowing Masood Azhar being declared an international terrorist by United Nations and blocking of the Brahmaputra water against India.

Pertinently imports from China have been increasing in the last three decades.

Thousands of potters across Uttar Pradesh gear up for Diwali time when they carve beautiful pots and earthen lamps for the Diwali festival.

Rituals like Bhootchaturdashi and the burning of 108 lamps on Diwali day is a must do for every Hindu household.  Not surprisingly it has become an inextricable part of Lucknow’s culture and ethos.

For centuries Lucknow has been famous for its various handicraft works. The Nawabs of Awadh were patrons of fine arts. Even as Chinese goods fly off shelves, the traditional artisans need support and encouragement for a bright and happy Diwali.


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