Saluting a Martyr

You are missed Oh Soldier


A coffin wrapped in the tricolor returns home

It is time to say goodbye for the last time

You will be missed Oh Soldier!

A man of steel, a man of grit, you will be missed

Will be seeing you among the zillion stars above

Will salute you only to meet you sooner or later

You lived a life well lived

You fought like it was your last battle

You succumbed to the Kiss of Death

You gave it your best till your last breath.

You came from heaven and to earth you shall go

In your death your bravado in 1.25 billion hearts you sow

Fight on Oh Soldier! For you are the victor

Fight on you father, son and brother

Because you leave behind a legacy unmatched

We salute you for your tale will be told in every reading session

And has left none untouched

You leave us teary eyed only to return on yet another mission

You were a man of flesh and blood

And your story was no fiction

While Siachen and its men see a million mutinies each day

There is only one thing we can say

You were the best we had and an Outstanding Soldier

For your peaceful eternal  and blissful sleep we pray


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