Mother Superior

Was listening to a popular Jagrata song the other day, “Beta Bulaye Daudi Chali Aayi Maa”, little did I know I will see these lines play out in reality in days from that day. PM Modi has been facing criticism from the opposition asking him to take back the demonetisation move. Modi faces brickbats for the inconvenience caused to the people of the country at large.

This morning was special. The PM’s 96 year old mother came out with Rs 4500 to a bank to exchange the money and get change at Gandhinagar.  Supported by two women  the old woman was weak, short in frame but strong in conviction to prove a point. She would walk for sometime then sit and do this again using a walker. Something that shows the love and concern of a mother for her son.  It in my mind’s eye is also a way to tell people that even his mother has had to bear a certain degree of inconvenience.

Heeraba is a much loved figure for Modi and is someone who has highly influenced the PM in his life. On special occasions Modi has always been seen visiting his mother. Pictures of him bowing down to touch feet or Heeraba placing a hand on his head have often gone viral. In the recent past the nonagenarian has not been keeping well but she had from a hospital said keep doing your work do not worry about me.


Who can forget his moments at an event with Mark Zuckerberg when he broke down saying that there was a time when my mother even swept homes and cleaned dishes to bring him and his siblings up.

On her last trip to the capital Heeraba had been seen being taken around 7RCR in a wheelchair pushed by Narendra Modi himself. Her pictures on a wheel chair had then been widely circulated.

While the opposition has at several times taken digs at Modi talking of his mother and wife, there is also a section including me which believes that one should not involve them in political discourse.


Every mother is special and so is Heeraba. There are no doubts that Heeraba must be a proud mother that she has seen her son reach the PM’s chair. As a lady who has been mother to a four time CM, I’m sure she has been with him at bad and good times for the journey till the top job.

Perhaps a day after Children’s Day these are the best visuals I would have seen of a mother and her son’s bond.

PM Modi had recently announced at a national address that Rs 500 and Rs 1000 are no longer legal tender. He had said that there are times in a country’s history when people must sacrifice and bear some discomfort to bring about change. He said people must fight the demon of corruption calling the demonetisation a mahayagya against corruption.

Amidst massive uproar and the opposition planning to corner the government in Parliament, the government has for now said old currency is valid till November 24. Several other steps have been taken to ease the situation.

While the move may be great, the people of India have been facing quite a lot of problem. From waiting at ATMs and banks at the dead of the night to failing to make payments, from patients suffering to shopping arcades and businessmen taking a blow. Rumours have been taking the country into panic mode.  The country has also seen bizarre episodes where money has been immersed in water and many have either burnt cash or committed suicide themselves. Some of the innocent also for lack of knowledge of what next have had a heart attack as well.

We can only wish Heeraba a healthy life and may she continue to inspire the old.


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