A pain that still remains

Eight years and the scars of 26/11 continue to hurt

The Taj stands tall

Leopold still showcases bullet marks

An eerie silence haunts as trains chug along at CST

The waters at Gateway of India bear testimony to Kasab’s designs

India Pakistan continue with their skirmishes

For those lives lost, their souls have reached a point of no return

Children still quietly weep

Mothers miss their kids

Who would often light up a quiet courtyard

Sisters miss that hand which would add to a glow of a Rakhi

For some virtually the entire family is gone

Those standing near the waters no longer see boats with an adventurous gaze

Mumbai’s darkness to this day continues to deceive

For fear of those moments of darkness

Life has never been the same again

In a city that never sleeps

Let not clouds of terror hover again

In the land of freedom and solace

Oh Lord Let Mumbai awake


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