Einstein and the Guinness Record


Albert Einstein these days is trending across the globe. All in the name of breaking records. While there are those who are challenging his work off late, India seems to be setting a Guinness world Record to prove the greatness of Albert Einstein.

At times when there are many who are questioning the work of Albert Einstein and his theories are in question, the capital of India has seen a new record of sorts. Atleast 524 students in the capital dressed as the legendary scientist broke a record during the India International Science Festival.

The students were dressed as Einstein, sporting his trademark wig and moustache to beat the last year’s record of 304 students of Black Pine Circle School in California.

The record “the largest gathering of people dressed as Albert Einstein” was earlier held in 2015.

Minister of Technology Dr Harsh Vardhan attended the event wishing students before the event.

Einstein a German-born physicist is known for developing the famed theory of relativity and propounding the famous equation E = mc2.

As many as 524 students came dressed as Nobel Laureate Albert Einstein.


Even though Albert Einstein never visited India, six decades later the scientist’s following was apparent in the scores of students who dressed themselves up in his characteristic attire.

While India is trying hard to emulate Einstein, India has not won a single Nobel Prize in Science after 1930 when CV Raman got the honour.

The earlier 2015 Guinness Record of the largest gathering of people dressed as Albert Einstein is held by a school in California.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein’s presentation of the complete Theory of General Relativity to the Prussian Academy.

Einstein received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921 and died in 1955 in Princeton, New Jersey, at age 76

It would be worth highlighting more than 100,000 people from laboratories around the world have conducted a unique worldwide experiment, refuting Albert Einstein’s understanding of the microscopic world.

Twelve laboratories from around the world came together to put in motion the BIG Bell Test.

Albert Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity has been proven when gravitational waves were detected in three separate black hole merging events. A group of scientists claims that there are echoes of the gravitational waves. These echoes, if proven they exist, could very well destroy the hundred-year legacy of the General Theory of Relativity.


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