Chutney: The Chill Factor


Have long been wanting to write about Chutney and I finally get the time to do so.

Chutney when seen from first frame to last very cleverly brings out the two sided face of the protagonist, played quite well by Tisca Chopra. Directed by Jyoti Kapur Das, presented by Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films, Chutney  is an exceptionally creepy piece of storytelling. If you have seen Taare Zameen Par and some of her previous works then you will understand the stark difference in this film.

Based in a locality on the outskirts of what seems to be Delhi, to be specific Ghaziabad,  is a house that looks quite normal from the outside. Anita is quite popular for her culinary skills and her husband played by Aadil Hussain is shown as a man who has fine tastes of wine and women. Their chemistry is often in social circles the talk of the town.

Out in a social gathering the women of the society are seen doing gossip when Anita enters and they try to paint a picture of her, where she knows precious little of the worldly ways. It all starts with one of the ladies played by Rasika Dugal, who is seen flirting with Anita’s husband. She wants to pick up tips and tricks of cooking from Anita.

Using a connect between food and murder, the film quietly sends a chill down the spine with each passing moment springing a surprise.  The short film progresses in the most unassuming manner.

It is a short revenge drama  cleverly knit around a tete a tate over casual chit-chat over a plate of pakodas (served with green chutney) and two glasses of soft drink. Anita with a stare that tells it all narrates how servants in the family have been buried inside the compound for debauchery. It is this super conversation that gets gripping by the minute.
A silent, frustrated and extremely perverse servant  played by Sumit Gulati who played an accused in Talvar leaves a lasting impression in Chutney.

The film’s centre of attraction remains Tisca Chopra, who cannot be recognised as the buck-toothed Anita. She has produced and co-written the film. It can be easily called sweet poison or a slow killer that unfolds by way of the plot.
In a generation where shorts are the new rage in film making, Chutney stands out for its class and finesse.

Adultery, the suspense quotient and unfaithful husbands laced with great acting add to the experience.

After watching Chutney one would definitely feel a churn in the stomach.

Rasika Dugal and Tisca Chopra have been lauded in the past for their stellar performances in Anup Singh’s Qissa.

Tisca Chopra  is a noted film and stage actress who made her film debut with Platform in 1993 opposite Ajay Devgan. From the play Dinner With Friends to Prakash Jha’s Loknayak. From Taare Zameen Par to Firaaq her repertoire is well recorded.  Her TV stints further add to her resume.

She recently starred in 24, a remake of the popular American series, produced by Anil Kapoor Films, directed by Abhinay Deo and written by Rensil D’Silva, which premiered on Colors. Tisca Chopra is the grand-niece of prominent Indian writer Khushwant Singh



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