UP Polls: Band Baaja Baraat Effect

It’s  a Band Baaja Baraat moment for the city of Nawabs and Kababs this elections in UP. With record number of weddings over around 500,  the city people in reasonable numbers could skip the voting which falls on a Sunday. Though there are those who are making a conscious effort to vote despite engagements.
Thousands of people will skip voting by not standing in lines to vote for a change of guard in UP. Reportedly of the over 500 weddings in the city, 300 are scheduled for the daytime.

Apart from the 300 weddings in the day, the rest are to be held in the evening. Estimates suggest over 2,50,000 people would gather at these venues in the afternoon. For the evening events, more than 2,20,000 people would assemble.

Most of the families had fixed the date well in advance and have no option but to go  on with the rituals.. For the locals the wedding is  more important than anything else. Most hardly had the time to spare time for standing in a queue just to cast their vote.
ADM in the city claims that there is hardly any provision which can stop people from casting their vote.

There is a emotional thread that runs through families who have weddings at their place.

Meanwhile the flipside is people with weddings or other such ceremonies are being turned away by tent house owners. People with family ceremonies or functions between February 14 and 18 have been charged double. Reportedly 1,000 weddings and other ceremonies are planned during this period.
Over 200 orders for various ceremonies could not be accepted for want of tents and other decorative items.
In Lucknow, a unique story reported is how a bride has decided to leave for husband’s home only after casting her vote on Feb 19..
Manisha’s in-laws who were coming from Gujarat decided to proceed with the ‘Bidaai’ ceremony on February 21, instead of February 19.

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