UP’s Slogan War


Slogans are nothing new in elections and this time too they reign supreme as elections in seven phases continue in the Hindi Heartland. Each party tries to outdo the other with witty oneliners.

Catchy Slogans  have always been quite a rage in UP. If you were thinking that the SP catchphrase “UP ko yeh saath pasand hai” was peppy then BJP cloned it to suit itself. The slogan coming from the BJP stable was “UP ko yeh saat pasand hai” and placed photos of its top seven, including PM Modi and Amit Shah.

The BJP has taken a cue from the Abki Baar Modi Sarkar tune  and coined “Ab ki baar, 300 ke paar”. Meanwhile slogan creators have been busy in UP. New ones are  “Saath aayein, parivartan layein, kamal khilayein” and “Do baatein kabhi na bhool, Narendra Modi aur kamal ka phool”
In SP slogans like “Akhilesh ka jalwa qaayam hai, uska baap Mulayam hai” have been quite a rage. “Vikas ka pahiya, Akhilesh bhaiya”  too talk of the SP’s pr development agenda.

The BSP too has taken the social media route. “Betiyon ko muskurane Do, Behenji ko aane do” is their slogan. BSP’s dig at rivals is “Kamal, cycle, panja hoga kinaare, UP chalega hathi ke saharey”

Congress, which started with “27 saal UP behal” has now switched to “UP ke ladke”versus  “baharwale” Modi.

Sloganeering in 2012 too was very much a reality.

Times have changed so have slogans the power of each slogan remains unmatched to the other. Slogans today have turned into a rallying point in the politics of India where each one of us are surely attracted to it, the slogan plays Supreme where it makes news, are we really interested in them yes but we don’t hail it as the last word.

There was Jab tak Rahega Samose Mein Aloo, tab tak rahega bihar mein laloo and the works but now with election season for UP new innovations are being seen.

From a pure casteist ’tilak, tarazu aur talwar, inko maro joote char’ to all inclusive ‘Sarva samaj ke samman mein Behenji maidan mein’, the slogans coined by the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) before elections not only underlined the shift in party’s ideology but have always been instrumental in galvanising its cadre.

In 2012 BSP remould the slogan ‘Chhad gundan ki chhati par, button daba hathi par’ coined in 2007 assembly poll into ‘chhad vipakshi ki chhati par, button daba hathi par’.

The best one last time from the BSP had however been “Chalega Haathi Udega Dhool, Na rahega panja na Rahega Phool.” This was attacking the BJP and the Congress which obviously caused sharp reactions.

BSP coined another slogan last time “button debega hathi par, baki sub baisakhi par”.

Whie BJP has rarely refrained from raking up the Ram Mandir issue, one of its popular slogans of all time has been “Hum saugandh Ram ki khate hain, mandir wahin banayenge”

Much like Anna Nahi ye Aandhi Hai desh ka doosra Gandhi Hai, Congress had its popular slogan once “Sonia nahi yeh aandhi hai, doosri Indira Gandhi hai”

Or better ones “Jab tak suraj chand rahega, Indira tera naam rahega.”


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