A Knight’s Rise

The Dark Knight


Caught in a maze he tried to crack that one big jigsaw called life
Those were moments when he tried and failed
In moments of agony and strife
Of whirlwinds that kept him from reaching his goal
To that epoch where valour tastes sweet
Where timidity comes with a price
And of the sweet sound of victory that takes ages to reach
Kissing the morning dew and the silent night
He burnt the midnight oil to make his flight of fantasy
Coupled with moments sprinkled with realism
For staying away from success cuts like a knife
Amidst the myriad twists and turns he aimed for the sky
With clarity of vision and a number of ideas
He churned till he reached the nectar of knowledge
From ignorance to wisdom many hurdles he crossed and grew
In those daring moments there was just one thing he knew
Life is Beautiful and to turn it even more meaningful
There are valuable times spent when one cracks the puzzle of life
And an easy way out is too bad to be true
In times where he felt a sense of being
He also recalled the rise to might from a humble being
Which reminded him the difference between them and you
Of plundered kingdoms and raging past battles
He stood like the king and many tantrums he threw
Caught in the crosshairs of sanity and power
He let his powerful emotions break through
Destined to rein and emerge the winner
The man with an unsheathed sword stood in the ring
From that day on the immortal Gladiator within him grew
He rose as a fighter
He killed for victory more than blood
In those hours of chivalry
Remain the memories of a born soldier
He still fights life’s daily battles to rule like never before
In dark moments and risky times he has learnt to be true
He struggled to learn life’s wayward ways and with each passing day
He learns something unique and new,
In these past years on Earth, What have you?


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