Till We Meet Again


We meet to create memories and we depart  to  preserve them
To meet and depart is a way of life
But to depart and meet is the hope of life
Friendship and caring is something that gives you a sense of courage and strife
But departing from the ones you care for  cuts like a knife
People come and people go
Friendship is the nicest thing thing that in other peoples minds one can sow
Moving on is essential but remembering those who might have been good to you
Its something that we must all do and in our hearts know
Its funny but these are jewels that you can never throw
Such are the feelings  that in our face doesn’t show
To maintain the bond with these friends
What  I should do and what I shouldn’t I cannot decide
Its difficult for the mind and the heart over its feeling to preside
I pull along in years just fighting my way through to survive
These are just instantaneous thoughts that I know will subside
There is nothing hidden I’ve always been good
And there is nothing for which someone would chide
See doors opening up to new places new people and new ideas
For once in my life it is going to be a test of my nerves and  there is nothing to revise
I guess this ray of light is where all the conflicts lying somewhere in the head dies
Its one of those moments in time when this crazy boy sighs
Believe this ain’t about truth or lies
Exploring the mundane and the magical is what every kid tries
We have been living our lives smoothly and in the future too we will
When I look back at those whom I met I realize that in my brain some sense they did drill
The willingness to live on is something that one need not grill
Speaking about life as per se its more about taking a chill
However taking things too easy does’nt really give one a thrill
As days go by the bygones really don’t matter
What lies ahead I will not let someone shatter
Life  is essentially not just about food , clothes and shelter
Happiness and peace of mind is equally important
to live in the world and understand the genius behind the creator.
Hopefully this time, of petty  things  I won’t bother
Need just to live a good life and gain as much of knowledge that I can gather
Perform  and progress should be the motto and not wither
There is a sudden impulse of maturity that might be seeping in
We are all learning by the day and this ain’t no sin
If there are things that people hold against me I can’t help it
If yesterday I was naïve then today I seem to be someone with grit
The slogan should now  be live simple and stay happy THIS IS IT!

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