To Terror, With Hate!!!


You shake our conscience , you blow a part of us away
You breed hatred and you leave people wondering what happened for several days
There you are at a point in time trying to kill and spill some blood to get the thrill
The next moment you’re gone
The TV says it is a Let, a JuD or an IM
We still are not aware of who, when, where , why and what happened
What pleasure do you get to hit or kill a man
What sort of a vague creature lurks within that body  of yours
You kill in the name of the God
You train people to create terror and torment the world
I train and study to make life better and the world one worth inhabiting
You rocked Mumbai , You rocked America and Paris, you rocked each place
Where do you hide? Come out in the open bare chested like Dara with power in your hands
What makes you hide and attack like you were a coward
Have you no family, Have you no well wisher
that you  brazenly bring out the beast to just kill
What fun dost thou get in playing the tyrant and not follow any rules
Fear god, Leave thy  evil spirits behind and make a new beginning.
Surrender yourself, Repent for your sins or be damned you filthy creature
Live like a human or be ready to burn in Hell
We are not moved by these timid acts,
We walk United stand United and will remain United
Till every Bit of you is cleansed from amidst us
Doesn’t the loathing you receive from people demoralize you
Doesn’t the blood and gore make you feel like a sinner
Doesn’t the Satan haunt you,
while you try sinking into deep sleep like an innocent being
Why kill when those whom you try and wipe out from your way have done no harm.
Why spend years behind bars answering questions
When you can live free and get some answers to the various wonders of life.
 Why mourn your deeds every day, when you can be humane and cherish every breath you take
Remember we are not born sinners or sages
It is time and circumstance that turns us one
When life cannot be created by you,
there is no point in your trying to take it away from people
Seeing a dead carcass with blood oozing out from ones body might give you a kick
But believe me, it is for me an element of nausea,
a gory picture, a gut wrenching image and a vision of the painful end.
You kill for once and vanish till you’re fished out from your den
You’re either shot down or you’re caught, only to be executed
On one hand we are a bunch of people who care and are concerned, we mean good
On the other hand, you a bunch of half crazed killers,
who only either live by death, or one day fall by death.
You change the definition of the survival of the fittest
You don’t fight by will, skill you are just literally people going for the kill
You create bombs at a jiffy and blow them up at places
Once you escape, it is the agencies who try to do the traces
I have life, health, daily problems, a family ,
few friends and a handful of well wishers in these years
In the years that you lived and thought you were living, who now stands by your side
Who cares, who loves, who remembers or who cries for you
Change for there is still time
This is not being written to make the perfect rhyme
From humanity you have turned to the worst form of crime
Not for once will you be known as a martyr
Your death will not be celebrated, but will remind the mother of a loafer
 the country of a traitor, the world of a perpetrator
and the universe, of one who went against the creator.
You are being hunted and will be killed one day
You are going to be shot down and not allowed to stray
Surrender,  for the world strengthens its resolve to fight you everyday
You might act night and day but soon you will be gone
Why make death your soulmate, when there is a life worth cherishing.
Why hide in Abbotabad, when the world is open for you to explore
Why blow up a place and leave people mourning, when there is ample place to create
Why groan at the last moment, when you can live happy and die smiling as a normal person
Why misconstrue teachings of your holy scriptures,
when there is much more to what you try following
Why work towards the beginning of the end, when you are capable of making a new Beginning
How do we teach you that life is priceless,
and for taking away this gift sooner or later you will pay the price.
My last suggestion to you before I close is be nice

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