Bahraich: A Conversation of the Dead

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Have you ever wondered how frustrating it can be for the soul of a dead person, if he or she fails to fulfil certain desires in life? What if the person does not live life to the fullest? To highlight such a situation and the wandering of such souls on earth, Soban Ahmad Khan carves a brilliant storyline. A short film, which is turned even more beautiful by way of the literary prowess of Piyush Tiwari, who creates dialogues for the short that add a dash of the Urdu Zubaan to a wonderfully shot and executed film.

If you have read William Henry Davies’ poem Leisure then you should be able to correlate to this brilliant piece of work.

Written and Directed by Soban Ahmad Khan, Bahraich is a short that has already started getting praise in the film festivals across the country for its unique content.

Bahraich featured in the DMCS National Short Film Festival and they also won the first prize in the TimeCode International Short film festival. It managed to win the DASTAK 2017 honour for best Short winning the first place in the competition at Sangeet Natak Akademi.

Created under the banner 600 D productions, Bahraich opens with an old classic number Ye Zindagi Ke Mele from a 1948 classic Mela, which stars Dilip Kumar, Nargis and Rehman. Naushad’s score adds that special touch to the short. A song symbolic of the cycle of life and death, where one who is born one day dies. It sums up the central theme of the film well.

The short shows three men chatting inside a hearse car. Tewari, Khan Sahab and Amar strike a conversation between themselves which cleverly highlights how in modern day life one hardly gets time to live life to the brim. The writer not just picks chaste Urdu as a means to entice the audience, but also picks simple observations as a way to get the story engaging. Amar is a young and dynamic young lad who left his homeplace Bahraich to come to a better city for growth prospects. It was the wish to rise and shine and the commitment to dedicate himself fully to grow that supposedly left him with little time to live freely. He was for so long in his own account busy carving his destiny. This until he met with an accident when he went to meet his aunt.

Now wandering souls, Amar, Tewari and Khan Sahab are chatting as they talk of the loneliness of a wandering soul. A round of shayari between Khan Sahab and Amar is when the film takes you to a new high. For those who do not get the real meaning behind the chat, Khan Sahab saying Hamesha Amar Rahoge adds to some soul stirring one liners.

Shot in Lucknow, the short is cleverly crafted, well shot and has the right kind of language that can reflect the cultural ethos of UP. It also is an easily coherent language for the millenials.

Bahraich is written and directed by Soban Ahmad Khan. It is produced by Arsalaan Khan. Piyush Tiwari shows his deep understanding of poetry and writing screenplay in the film. Director of Photography and Editing is the work of Navneet Shukla and Music Direction is by Shivargh Bhattacharya.

This is not the first time that Soban , a young student of journalism has tried his hand at short film making. What started off as small shoots on social issues and fun films gradually turned serious filmmaking with ventures like Mahira, TOW and The Call.

For young guns wanting to start from the scratch in filmmaking, team Bahraich has quite a bit to offer as their technique and style stands out.


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