Into the Blue


Life is quite a journey
Amidst the pitfalls and the speed of a shooting star
It can be amazing and painful both at the same time
Having walked many miles it does seem quite scary off late
Between the mundane and the magical there lies a reality which is far fetched
Surfing through the sands of time,
one wonders where things will culminate
While I stand at the edge of the cliff
The fall is something I shudder to think off
From the rise of the ruthless
To the fall of the meek
The journey looks long and painstaking
From passing alien lands to playing in your own backyard
It is the War of the two worlds that get’s you all fixed
As I stare at an open sky wondering where it all ends
The galaxy does give a vision of the untold
It reflects the possibilities which some call endless
A  heady mix of black and white
I still search for the grey areas to build upon what’s gone
It’s waking up to a new dawn that keeps one going
From emotions to actions there lies a long haul
It is the willingness to keep growing
That keeps you in the marathon mode and not crawl
I last saw that fire within many lightyears ago in me
In the hope to rekindle that dampened spirit
There are seeds of growth and prosperity that I now sow
In these troubling days there are chances that it could all be a mirage
Singing the redemption song would be my first call
Need not be a death knell but there are fears that haunt my mind
Feel like riding away into the Blue and start the story again


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