Muzaffarnagar’s Minakshi a topper in Life’s Struggle


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There are many success stories in this year’s UP board exams, but one stands out in the crowd. This girl from UP’s Muzaffarnagar was so committed to rise and shine that when she did not have copies to write on, she turned the walls of her home her slate instead.
The results of the UP board exams were announced on Friday. Throughout the state the fairer sex have proved that they are second to none. On one hand there are the well to do with all facilities at their beck and call who have got good marks. There is another lot who have shined despite massive odds against them.

One such case is that of Muzaffarnagar’s Minakshi.

Minakshi lost her father at a very tender age and had no support system to fall back on. Lack of resources and poverty was never an impediment for her to prove her critics wrong. She cracked the UP board exams with flying colours. She not just topped in her school, but also came second in her district.

It was always a dream for her late father to see his daughter become a meritorious scholar. When she did not have books, she wrote on walls, doors sometimes even on window panes to crack problems and formulae.

Her late father was a rickshaw puller who did not even have the money to get her copies and books. The family now says that had her father been around he would have been a very proud man.

There was also a time when she had to sit under streetlights to study and expand her intellectual horizon.

Interestingly Minakshi was giving the exam the day her father passed away under sad circumstances.

Minakshi Sharma hails from Muzaffarnagar’s Almaspur village and studies in the Lala Jagdish Prasad Saraswati Vidya Mandir. She has scored 459 out of 500 to top the school in the boards. Minakshi proved what she learnt from a father who struggled each day to keep pace with life.

Minakshi and her family is now hopeful that with a good result the coming times will get smooth with some good carrer alternatives coming her way. She too in her heart of hearts knows that the responsibility of the family is now on her shoulders.

Having struggled and emerged as a role model for her generation, Minakshi now wants to do BSc. For her higher post graduation studies she wants to do MSc and after clearing the UGC Net, she aspires to be a professor.

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