Nursing a broken heart with a hot cuppa at Bewafah Chai wala

Drive past the road outside Fun Republic Mall and move towards Metro City, you will find a number of small food stalls, carts and vendors serving different food cuisines. Some six tea vendors out here serve you hot piping tea. But one tea hangout catches your eye. It’s Bewafah Chai wala.

It is a tea corner that serves couples madly in love, with tea at a rate of 15 rupees.  Those who are broken hearted get a discounted price of Rs 10.

Bewafah Chai wala has entered the new territory just a month and a half back and they are already taking the internet by storm with a quirky name.

Ask the founder Romil Sharma, a Delhi boy, why the term Bewafah, he says, “ One night Jassi, Adi and I were sitting together and we suddenly decided that we will share our pains that we have got overtime with the world. We will connect with those who may have got ditched or  have an achy breaky heart and that is how Bewafah Chai Wala happened.”

Bewafah Chai wala is run by Romil Sharma who hails from Delhi along with Jaskarman Gill who is from Punjab and Aditya Singh a Lucknow lad.

Inspired by companies like TATA and P&G, Romil and his team are aiming at encashing the power of feelings to take their brand to a larger than life status.

They are targeting an age group of 16 to 35/40 for massive gains. Like any other young startup, millenials are playing on Romil and teams mind.

Between 10 to 45 rupees you will get to savour novel food experiments like Tandoori Chai, Badnaam coffee, Friendzone sandwich, Sasta Tikau Burger, Brozone Bun Makhan , Beimaan Macroni,  Firangi fries and Bereham – chilli potato among others. Tea is underrated, beyond the small kiosks, we would add a tea cafe soon adds Romil.

He says, “Challenges are what any entrepreneur would face. At a time when tea retailers are aplenty, we use our ideas and marketing for a better outcome. Someday we want to take on Chaayos, which is a big name in Northern India and local players like Chai Peeni hai.”

Romil says, “ Our USP is the way we make our tea especially the dhokewala chai which is a two way process. We first cook our tea and we also heat up the kulhad to add that extra feel to the tea that is served in it. Saffron added as an extra element gives our tea the out of the box feel.”

For youngsters wanting to go pro with a business the message is loud and clear, “As entrepreneurs the mantra is keep experimenting, do not bask on your laurels and don’t give up.”

They are currently near CMS Gomti Nagar which is currently under renovation and one is outside Fun Republic. They plan to expand to Kapoorthala and Hazratganj soon. The founders do not rule out a nationwide expansion if all falls in place.


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