Vishwajeet left us, but the stories floated broke my heart

Amidst the shrill media rhetoric we all forgot that even Vishwajeet was a brother, a son, a man of responsibility and someone’s near and dear.

The media in the Vishwajeet Singh Pundir death case even before the probe was concluded went out of its way to suggest that Vishwajeet was brutally murdered. With a high profile death came a barrage of speculations and sugar coated juicy gossip stories. Some about a woman, some about drugs, alcohol,  about his alleged wayward ways and also the inconsistent versions that have not sticked around for way too long. Vishwajeet was a family man and all sides of the story deserved to be told.

The media reported that the indications were towards the Midland hospital manager being murdered under mysterious circumstances. To add to the suspense it was reported that a widow was allegedly in an affair with Vishwajeet and he stayed with her in a hotel, but there is yet to be any follow up on the claim. A report goes to the extent of saying that a ladies shoe imprint has been noticed in the blood at the crime scene. Some blood was also wiped in the bedsheet and the door. A woman’s hair sample was being tested said some reports. The brother has also had his reservations on the recreation of the crime scene.

The forensic team maintains that the blood soaked footprints in the house were that of Vishwajeet. Experts had earlier said that he fell from the balcony on a tree. Later with a fall on the grill he got hit by the grill leading to a heart puncture which caused bleeding leading to death.

This was even reiterated by Dr G Khan.

Speculations flew thick and fast all this while about how he had fallen from the balcony and died. The medico legal team clearly denies this. Another story spinned back then was that Vishwajeet weighed 75 kg and just below the balcony was a grill and a tree branch was found broken at the spot. 

As per latest revelations he returned late in the night and then tried scaling the wall of his house. It is here that the iron grills pierced his hand and then his body. His body reportedly bears two marks of a sharp object piercing through.

A report now sheds light on how Vishwajeet was not murdered but he died due to an accident. Assertions by the medico legal team suggest that Vishwajeet was out of his house the day this entire episode happened.

In a new twist to the sensational death of Midland hospital Lucknow’s Manager, Vishwajeet Singh Pundir, the State Medico legal Joint Director, Dr G Khan in his comments in the case has said on that fateful day Vishwajeet was trying to scale his own boundary wall when he got injured and died.  He has said that a sharp bar of the grill pierced through his hand. It also led to the puncturing of his heart and excessive bleeding led to his untimely death. As per Gomtinagar Police inspector, Ram Surat Sonkar the report on the matter was recently submitted by Khan to the police for further probe.

Khan has said that falling from the balcony, hitting the tree and then the sharp grills would have done greater damage. He said the hands did not get massive injuries that was proof that the balcony angle does not hold water. He says that under the influence of intoxicants he did the wall scalling attempt that backfired.

Being in an inebriated state it is believed cut down the pain of the injuries for the moment with him failing to realize the damage done. Vishwajeet’s room was found littered with intoxicants and beer cans.

With a distance of 10 cm between the two wounds, the theory of an attack on him with a sharp knife too has been quashed. Blood spilling on the outside was restricted given the injury led to internal bleeding say forensic experts.

Usually Vishwajeet was known to carry a key of the house and would return late after work got over. Questions around his scaling the gate remain. Some theories suggest he forgot his key and hence did the extreme. Some cops have told the media that they saw him near Polytechnic Chauraha. That day reportedly he walked past the gallery, climbed the stairs and then reached his room in an injured state. After failed attempts of cleaning up and doing first aid, he went to his mother bare feet for help. Puddles of blood found at his room and his mother’s room, besides the backyard gate still haunt the family.

The medico legal team though maintains that one of his injuries in the stomach need to be probed by a top scientific hand.

In hospital records there remains a mention of an attack on Vishwajeet by an adversary. The incisive wound in the stomach it is feared can only be inflicted by a razor, knife or a glass. Attempts will be to use lie detection, Narco or brain mapping to push harder for clues. The needle of suspicion and confirmation on his being under influence of intoxicants was reaffirmed in reports but the postmortem team has failed to retain his urine and blood samples, a big blunder on their part.

Vishwajeet was inflicted with an injury on July 16 at his residence situated in Vishwas Khand – 3. While being operated at Midland hospital he died. Police all this while has been talking of the death being an accident. The brother Indrajit meanwhile registered a case against unknown persons.

One only wishes even if Justice is delayed it is not denied.

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