Ketli, healing mental health issues through a teacup

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Mental health is an issue that is often spoken of in hushed tones. But an organization in Lucknow has been working on the subject in a different way. A small social organization, Ketli in the city is trying to take baby steps so as to bring mental health patients back to the mainstream by providing livelihood opportunities.

The organization aims at giving back to society by serving such people who may have been facing hardships to match their pace with others.

In a country where everyone has equal opportunity to live and earn, these patients have had to live an isolated life and have difficulties in connecting. This is where an organization like Ketli comes into play.

Ketli was the brainchild of a duo who got into holy matrimony and hence the journey of this unique kind started. Ambreen Abdullah and Fahad Azim started this venture in 2016. While Ambreen is a Masters in Mental Health Studies from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Fahad has done Management studies. Ketli has a unique training module which they use to streamline the working abilities of such people. Most of whom either have failed to get a job or were asked to leave their job for a slight disbalance.

Ketli is working closely with patients who may be suffering Schizophrenia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Bipolar Disorder. These are specific cases where the patient has to face tough times connecting with society at large.

The Ketli model incorporates play therapy, Cognitive therapy, Behavioral and life skills training. This helps boost the efficiency of such people manifold.

The atmosphere at work is peaceful and friendly minus any kind of harsh mannerisms to make everyone feel at home.

The organization is forever in touch with the media, doctors and experts who can lead them to patients who are on the path to steady recovery.

The team keeps a close eye on how the patients are fairing over a span of time. Be it handling a cart for a year, management principles in an organization, reviewing progress, Teamwork and how to best communicate with people. The ultimate aim of Ketli is to make any and everybody self sufficient.

Each person working with Ketli is given payments on a per hour basis based on the MNREGA guidelines.

Ketli works tirelessly on the sustaining Livelihoods model. Once they are out of their mental stress and are able to feel in peace socially, they are helped to get jobs of their liking.

The Ketli team has already helped nearly 20 mental patients who have now felt a change in their lives. They have been partners with an NGO Pravah which has been a great bonus.

With multiple success stories to their credit, those having associated with the organization not just feel happy, but they do feel a sense of transformation as they start afresh with a new more confident path ahead.

A Ketli stall is situated in Hussainganj among other places where one can have hot piping tea or other daily eatables. If you want to see a mental patient smiling and happy, do pay them a visit and spread the word on these noble souls.

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