A Criminal's Nemesis: Making of a Bhaukaali encounter specialist

Muzaffarnagar is going through turbulent times. It is being dubbed as the crime capital of India. It is seeing criminals of the highest pedigree rule the roost running riot across section of society. Even the state government is finding it hard to nip the crime syndicates in the bud. As the police and administration are on the lookout for a supercop who would yield his gun to eliminate the rein of crime in the Hindi heartland, in comes Navniet Sekera, a man who is now reminiscent of a larger than life character like that portrayed in Nana Patekar’s Ab Tak Chhappan and Salman Khan’s Dabbang. This scene set about a decade and a half back, found kidnappers, organized crime mobsters, thieves and mafia shudder with the mere mention of encounter specialist Navniet Sekera. Cops in a highly planned and organized fashion cracked down on miscreants whom the people used to fear, with them taking the rule of the khaki seriously.

The story of the elimination of miscreants during that period of IPS Navniet Sekera, who emerged as a ‘Super Cop’, is being shown in the web series Bhaukaal on MX player. Navneet Sekera’s character in the film is named Naveen Sekera, some other characters have also been renamed. In this series, Seikera is played by actor Mohit Raina known for his role of ‘Lord Shiva’ in the famous serial ‘Devon Ke Dev Mahadev’. This series is based on the tenure of Navniet Seikera when he was posted as SSP in Muzaffarnagar, UP. All the shooting of this web series has been done in Lucknow and surrounding areas.

The name of IPS Navniet Sekera came into limelight after the encounter of hard core criminal Ramesh Kalia in Lucknow. After this, such an image of this IPS was created that the souls of criminals and goons are shaken as soon as they hear his name. Wherever his posting happens, the crime graph goes down.

In fact, in the Muzaffarnagar district of IPS Navniet Sekera, during his 15-month tenure, criminals with prizes and vicious criminals were killed. Extortion, kidnapping and murder were common. After the deployment of Navniet Sekera, the local gang was wiped out and Muzaffarnagar, identified as a crime district, turned into a quiet district. Seikera’s style of turning the police into wedding party to eliminate gangster Ramesh Kalia had grabbed major eyeballs. An encounter specialist team was formed specifically for Ramesh Kalia’s shootout and an intricately crafted operation which saw the criminal fall to a rain of bullets. The Operation went down into criminal history books as ‘Operation Kalia’.

This was the period when crooks were flourishing afresh after the shootout of Sriprakash Shukla in UP. By 2003, Mafiaraj was once again on the rise in UP. In the east, gangsters like Mukhtar Ansari and Brajesh Singh had setup their base, often considered close to Ajit Singh and Akhilesh Pratap Singh. In December 2004, Sekera was made SSP of Lucknow. Navniet was known as an encounter specialist. The situation was that during his deployment in Muzaffarnagar, known as the Crime Capital of UP where Sekera put to death a long list of criminals.

Sekera rose to prominence under the Samajwadi Party rule when the Mulayam Singh Yadav tenure was witnessing a law and order situation.Navniet held a meeting with his officials and issued directions that he needed a list of top 10 mafias in and around Lucknow and their criminal records and that too within 24 hours. An immediate raid on mafia and goons started in Lucknow. Many were put behind bars, many were killed. At the instance of the DGP, Muzaffarnagar’s fast-moving SSP Navneet Sekera was brought in.

Hailing from Etah in UP, Navniet Sekera son to an ordinary farmer, he did not get everything easy. A student who rose from the rural hinterlands, he was always intelligent in studies but at that time there were no good schools in the village.

A teacher of Navniet Sekera told his father that this boy can do well in studies because of an inquisitive bent of mind. Feeling good, the father started taking extra care of his son’s education. When he came to class 6, he first learnt English. At that time there was no college in Etah, there was only one college, Government Inter College, so he studied there and passed intermediate in Hindi medium.

After intermediate he reached a Delhi college for B.Sc admission. When he approached the form counter, the clerk sitting at the counter came out and poked fun at his rustic background, even paying Rs 5 for the fare for him to return.

From then on Seikera decided that he will be a self taught person and rise above the Hindi speaker tag. He started his own line of education, where he not only gained knowledge but took copious notes about varied subjects. When he did not have the money he would photocopy books to gain access to expensive book titles. Hard work paid off and he completed engineering from Roorkee. He cracked exams like IIT and GMAT in one go. Navniet achieved this success with his hard work and dedication, not on anyone else’s strength.

Then came the next turn. His father was fighting for his ancestral land. When his dad approached the cops, the man in uniform misbehaved. That triggered his interest in wearing the uniform and changing the system.

He started preparations and was already selected in IPS in one attempt. Navneet is a 1996 batch IPS officer of UP cadre. Navniet Sekera started the women’s helpline 1090 project for the first time in UP, which was later implemented across the state. He keeps sharing tips for the youth on Twitter. His inspiring sentences have shown success to thousands of youth.

Today Navniet Sekera motivates the youth to work hard and move forward. He has millions of followers on social media. He keeps sharing tips for the youth on Twitter. His inspiring sentences have shown success to thousands of youth. IPS Navniet Sekera has done more than 60 encounters so far.

Sekera, who did engineering from IIT Roorkee, brought great relief to the people of the district by a tight surveillance. On the encounter of Bittu Kail at Thanabhavan, the then DIG Chandrika Rai had given him the title of Shikari. Currently Navniet Seikera is IG UP Police.

In an interview he had said if there is courage in the mind, blessings of elders, no one can stop you. Whenever people comment about you, do not panic, just remember that in every game the spectators make noise, not the players.

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