Bachchan’s Deewar temple scene has always been a subtle portrayal of how a man has to at some point surrender in front of the will of god. It is god who controls each action in this world. It is he who decides what life has in store for us.

Even the biggest atheists perhaps at sometime crumble under the wrath of god. And this scene is a case in point. Bachchan in his unimitable style walks into a temple, spreads his arms in front of a huge Lord Shiva idol and says Aaj Khush To Bahut Hoge tum and the rest has been history.

A criminal in the film, his character calls for his mother to be spared of his sins. Much water has flowed through the Ganges since then. Till date any human being when in doubt of the road ahead always finds solace in walking up to his or her most trusted deity and bow their head with hands clasped.

As news of the Coronavirus spread across the country there were repeated reports of how not just masks on gods but temples and other holy places were finding ways to send out a message. The average faithful had lost that right to actually go and beg for the mercy of the holy Lord. Globally places of worship have turned out of bounds. All religious ceremonies have happened through streaming. All places of worship are maintaining a no footfall policy.

As the world grapples with a disease that has wreaked havoc, now people do not have the right to actually walk up to a temple and seek answers. One typically cannot face god in person to seek help. Perhaps the all powerful god too is keeping himself safe from the wrath of the evil Corona. In a country of 33 Koti Gods and goddesses, perhaps even God is giving us signs to stay calm and safe.