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Photography is a very technical craft and for the layman it might be just a matter of a click, but for those who have burnt the midnight oil to hone that very hard earned attribute it does not come easy. With advancements in photography equipments and the daily changing landscape of photography, it has become even more important for a photographer to cut to the chase and pick his niche as a lensman.

Dushyant Chauhan, a wordsmith cum visual artist quit his plum job and decided to train his shutter to do the talking. Something he harnessed so well that by the time he could say Jack Robinson, life was nothing less than a party atleast on the professional front. Starting with small projects as a photographer, he picked up some freelancing work  along with some online creative pursuits in the increasingly promising digital media world.  Starting off all by himself, he soon found like minded people sharing his load and eventually he had a fine team of photographers, videographers and editors from across diverse zones who are working now as a tightly knit force.

A product of the prestigious Jamia Milia Islamia in Mass Communication he left his job and took to pursuing his love for creative expression. Leading a talented team, Dushyant  combines travel, shoots, crisp writing skills and a deep sense of aesthetics to create pictures which brings out uniquely precious wedding moments that usually miss the naked eye. All this while keeping the supremely sublime Indian desipan intact.

Apart from stills, his brainchild Lookbookpictures is also using the knowhow of video production to its favour. With an innate childlike curiosity, a line of his strikes you – Neither am I too old to go for challenges and new learnings nor am I too young to run aimlessly for glitz n glamour. A 2004 batch MBA graduate, he has enjoyed eight years in the corporate sector. He found his calling in liberal arts way back in 2012 when he changed track to art and photography. He is also a PG diploma in still photography and visual communication.

With a combined work capital of Corporate and academics, Dushyant is now putting his theoretical knowledge to practice. As someone who is a force to reckon with he continues to explore different places, moods and people professionally.

But his words ring loud and clear that “Creativity cannot be Caged in Packages. Our Love and Devotion to Photography compels us to conclude that it cannot be sold as an over the counter product. That’s why Lookbookpictures is glad to be in the choice list of those who believe in creativity, originality, innovativeness and truthfulness. We help our clients to make budget as per their convenience. Depending on the client and his ability to loosen pursestrings his packages are tailor made. As a noted photographic expression venture, his LookBookPictures is among a wide gamut of offerings that have gained prominence over the past decade with the growing interest in hiring professionals to capture each wedding moment.

If KPMG is anything to go by then India’s current wedding market is pegged at a steep $50 billion which is growing each year. Half of India’s 1.3 billion-strong population are under the age of 30. More than 10-12 million weddings are held annually. Roughly estimates show one-fifth of an individual’s total lifetime wealth is poured into a wedding.