Art is often considered the most effective way of expression. It has over many generations been a prime source of making people aware of the plight of people. A tool for protest as well, but among all an artist lives by the creative process. As a mirror to the society, arts has always persevered to send a message to the masses.  Moreso because an artist is influenced by the everyday happenings in the society and this effect can also be seen in the artist’s artworks.

With the Coronavirus pandemic, artists too are facing the blues. Despite facing dire times, artists are playing an important role. Ganesh Dey, a senior cartoonist from Lucknow, is constantly making cartoon sketches. Sketches that make people aware of the larger issues that emerge out of the global pandemic. Cartoons that not just make people aware of the pandemic but speak of the prevailing scenario in the country.   Looking at these cartoons made by the 65 year old Ganesh Dey, one realizes that even though they are struggling for a living, the humble artist is not shying away from drawing those critical and crucial lines which make people abreast of the bitter realities that plague the world. A man who was born and bred in the land of the legendary Jamini Roy in Bankura he still lives with his wife in a rented accommodation in Lucknow. The lockdown has brought with it troubles aplenty for Ganesh Dey as he struggles to eke out a living during the lockdown. Even as life gets tougher, Ganesh has not let the power of his creative expression fade. He continues to make people aware on larger more important social issues. As the road ahead seems tougher, this artist needs more love from all of us.

Let us honor his art and give him relevant space. A man who commands respect, Ganesh Dey (66 years) is a good sketch artist and cartoonist. Even as life under lockdown has been unkind to him, he continues to wield the power of his brush.

Despite all the difficulties, he continues to work his way and still continues to do so. A simple line drawn by him in recent years has shed light on the prevailing circumstances of society.  Ganesh Dey is a good person and a good artist too. There is magic in his lines. Ganesh Dey believes that the digitalization that is happening in today’s time has had a profound impact on the art somewhere. Old school artists who have been deprived of these resources, have found it difficult to spend their lives.

In a bid to keep the conventional artists alive and kicking, one must ensure that artists are not neglected, The not so modern yet skilled artisan must get respect and support from society. They deserve encouragement and supported in some way so that they can keep the magic of their art alive. And the society should also get awareness.

As someone knowing the nuances of creative expression, a borne artist Ganesh Dey has endeavoured to work on social issues and run creative workshops with children to bring them up to a certain level of proficiency. Please reach him for any kind of drawing and Sketch related work.

Call 094534 28235