Safarnama: Rekindling a lost element of hope

Sushant Singh Rajput was just 34, he had the entire life ahead of him. He had dreams to fulfil. He had loved ones to take care of. He had a career which needed to be polished and heights which could be mapped. It was that  one word depression that turned the world around Sushant leaving him lost and lonely. Eventually it drove him to isolation and his consequent death. Once gone, the only rhetoric that caught the fancy of the public was never shy away from approaching someone for help. Call it a trick of destiny or a fate gone horribly wrong, Sushant joined a long list of stars who cut short their life hanging by a noose.

Conceptualised by Khanabadosh Media, the release of Safarnama is timed cleverly to encash on the theme that is now very relevant given the rampant suicides that plague our nation. We are all caught in a whirlpool where we are unsure of our tomorrow. We hope that one day things will be alright but when that does not happen, the only thing that we are able to do is to take our own lives.

Infusing a ray of hope in our lives, Safarnama once again takes us to a point where loving our life becomes critical. Safarnama is about exploring life and realizing that there is much more to life and hope should always be kept alive. Its about knowing that there is someone who cares for you and atleast for his or her sake snuffing life out is not a good idea.

The short film, Safarnama has scored very well at ‘Thomso’19’ (IIT Roorkee) and has won accolades along with other films pan India. Written and made in 50 hours for the India Film Project it showcases word wizardry, high class camerawork and principled and professional ethical working.

The film directed by Waqar Khan and Deepam Kumar, its story and screenplay is the handiwork of Waqar Khan. With a young but prolific starcast like Harshvardhan Singh, Shivendra Singh, Seher and Aditya its got all talking. Camerawork by youngsters Deepam Kumar and Naman Jain catches the pulse of the public with attention to detail and professionalism.

Adding to the cine viewing experience is the unique combination of poetry and unique camera shots. In simpler terms the film takes a cue from Eminem where he says Life gives you one shot and one opportunity and all that you need to do is make best use of it.

I also typically like the part as a blogger when two young guns walk up to the protagonist and tell him that Sir we have seen your blogs. That instant gratification is the kind of stuff any man can die for. We hope the young filmmakers continue to breach barriers in new age cinematography. Goes to show when productions continue to face trying times, the not so top filmmaker still has the wherewithal to churn out high class content.

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