Aiming to kiss Corona Goodbye, Aslam Baba gets kissed by death instead

Coronavirus has been wreaking havoc globally and with its ferocity increasing by the day there are unique things happening across the length and breadth of the country. There are either unique medical experiments or there are awareness campaigns that have surfaced peppered with immense creativity. But amidst all the action happening on the COVID front there are also some fake godmen kissing Corona goodbye only to fall in their own trap and consequently die.  

In continuation of the ever increasing antics in the name of the Novel Coronavirus, a ‘baba’ recently made headlines when he was reportedly kissing hands of his devotees to rid them of Corona. In the guise of curing th viral infection the man himself got infected and fell prey to Corona.

This baba from MP’s Ratlam district was in the habit of kissing the hands of the devotees. Kissing in the guise of ridding people of Corona he infact infected many of them.  Health Department data goes on to show that so far 85 people have been found infected in Ratlam district, of whom 19 came in contact with the ‘baba’ in Nayapura area.

A black magician by craft, he would convince people into the kissing act. While his kissing spree continued, irony was that the man died of Corona himself on June 4. The fact came to light after those who he came in contact with him were discovered and studied. Among he positive, 13 people are Nayapura residents. Nodal officer Dr Pramod Prajapati admitted that 24 people have been found infected who were in contact with the ‘baba’.

For several weeks there has been a certain inclination of a certain section of the public towards divine intervention and superstition. This brought these blind followers closer to the baba. The man identified as Aslam Baba livied in Nayapura area of Ratlam.

This Baba of Nayapura of Ratlam used to chant and give amulets. People used to go near it in large numbers and he would sometimes kiss people’s hands.

 Despite infection with Coronavirus, Aslam Baba continued to meet people.  With one Baba breaking all social distancing norms, the district administration has also quarantined 29 other Babas. There has been a panic in Nayapura area after reports of people turned positive  post coming in contact with Baba.

Even after the administration conducted awareness drives, the local people would often go to Aslam for treatment. He claimed to exorcise Corona through tantra-mantra.

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