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As a youngster when I took to writing it was about those bylines, those likes, shares and retweets like any other average person.

It was about becoming well known, without actually trying to know what was right or wrong.

It was more about someone saying a WOW than being booed at.

Interestingly a lot of my fantasies about instant gratification came crashing when I hit the ground running as a writer.

There were those who loved me, but there were also folks who reminded me that complacency is a virtue that you need to shrug off at the earliest.

As someone who has tried building on his skill sets, Living Tales was about having your own space where you could share with people stories that were worth the public’s time and interest. Keeping the need to cater to both English and Hindi speaking people in mind, this blog has over the past few years tried capturing the mindspace of those who think serious issues and interesting trivia matter over sugarcoated literary writing.

Having tried my hands at writing, reporting and copyediting, I feel there are many more miles to go, but it is quenching the reader’s want which I feel will be the ultimate goal for this blog to succeed.

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